Adult Literacy Group

The Prescott Valley Adult Literacy Group (PVALG) is an all-volunteer organization working to teach reading, writing, and English to adults in western Yavapai County. PVALG is affiliated with ProLiteracy Worldwide. The Prescott Valley Public Library provides an office and tutoring space for the program. The program is free to adults over the age of 18 and out of school.

How You can help

Spread the Word
If you know someone who needs help with reading and/or writing, suggest that they call PVALG.

Make a Donation
The average cost to bring a student to a 5th grade reading level is $300. Help support a student by making a donation. Please make checks out to: PVALG (Prescott Valley Adult Literacy Group). You can drop a donation off at the Library or send it in the mail to:

7401 E. Skoog Blvd., Prescott Valley, AZ, 86314. Thank you!

Become a Tutor
Tutors work 1-on-1 with students. Training workshops are held on an as needed basis.

For information email Director Kathy Lewis at or leave a message at 928-759-3049.

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