Where can I find information on conservation to manage my water rates?

Customers are encouraged to look at their bill online via the WaterSmart Portal.   The online Portal has a built-in tool that lists conservation actions that customers can look through and decide which are right for their unique situation.  These conservation actions are listed in the Take Action tab at the top of the WaterSmart Portal.

Additionally, if you are a residential sewer customer served by the Town of Prescott Valley, here is some information that could help you reduce the cost of your monthly water/sewer bill.

Each April, the Town of Prescott Valley calculates a new Winter Quarter Average (WQA) which determines your monthly sewer charge for the following year. The WQA is 90% of your November to March average water usage. For example, if your five month’s total water usage (Nov-March) is 25,000 gallons, the average water usage for this five-month period is 5,000 gallons a month; 90 percent of that 5,000-gallon average equals 4,500 gallons. Therefore, 4,500 gallons of sewer usage is the highest sewer volume amount for which you would be charged per month from April until to the new winter quarter calculation is figured for the following year. This calculation acts as a cap for how much you can be billed in regard to sewer. For example, if you used 8,000 gallons of water, you would be billed only for 4,500 gallons of sewer usage, since that is your established WQA.

But, if you used less than 4,500 gallons of water in a month, you would be billed the corresponding volume amount for your sewer usage equal to the water usage. For example, if your water usage for a given month during the year is 3,000 gallons, the sewer charge would be prorated to 3,000, not the 4,500 gallons calculated on your Winter Quarter Average. Your WQA works in your favor to provide you with the lowest possible sewer charge each month.

Since the WQA is based on water usage between November and March, any reduction in water usage during this time frame will also help reduce your overall water and sewer charges.

Other sources of information include the Town of Prescott Valley website at  www.prescottvalley-az.gov/243/Water-Conservation, the Arizona Department of Water Resources webpage at www.azwater.gov/ , and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension website at https://extension.arizona.edu/

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