I don’t see you reading my meter. How do you know how much water I used?

Prescott Valley operates on a radio read meter system, so you will not see a meter reader.  These radio meter systems allow customers to monitor their water use in near-real-time - the Town’s WaterSmart Portal shows hourly water usage up through the previous day, so customers can assess their use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and can report average per-day use changes over time.  These functions can help customers to tailor their water usage to their own specific needs.

The secondary importance of this system is to immediately detect leaks that might increase a resident’s bill and to assure water conservation.

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1. Why is Prescott Valley raising water rates?
2. How do Town of Prescott Valley’s rates compare to those of neighboring cities?
3. How much will my water bill increase, and is it a one-time increase? Why is it being spread over years?
4. Are water rates higher in some parts of the Town than in others?
5. I don’t see you reading my meter. How do you know how much water I used?
6. How much water does the average Prescott Valley residence use?
7. I don’t use 5,000 gallons per month. Will I pay less if I use less?
8. Where can I find information on conservation to manage my water rates?
9. Does Prescott Valley have any incentives for installing water-efficient appliances, voluntarily reducing water usage, etc?
10. What is the Stormwater Utility Fee on my bill and what will it be used for?
11. What is the amount of the new stormwater utility fee?
12. I already pay taxes why do I need to pay another fee?
13. When will this fee go into effect?
14. How can Town of Prescott Valley residents submit comments and concerns regarding the rate increase?
15. Does the Town assess fees toward new residential homes and businesses to cover their costs?
16. What is an “Enterprise Fund”?