Yard Sale Guidelines

A permit is not required to conduct a yard sale. 

Town Code allows three (3) Yard Sales in a calendar year as defined in Section 9-04-010.C.2:

  • One (1) yard sale during the period between January 1st - April 30th
  • One (1) yard sale during the period from May 1st - August 31st 
  • One (1) yard sale during the period from September 1st - December 31st

Personal property may be offered for sale over a period no longer than three (3) consecutive calendar days. 

Town Code provides for a maximum of four (4) signs off-site per yard sale (maximum three {3} days during daylight hours). Signs shall be no greater than six (6) square feet and shall be placed no higher than six (6) feet in height above grade.  Town Code specifically prohibits illuminated signs; no signs within public right-of-ways or attached to trees, fences, utility poles, light posts, street signs or other public facilities. 

No person shall maintain or permit to be maintained on any premises any sign which is in a dangerous or defective condition. Any such sign shall be promptly removed or repaired by the owner of the sign or the owner of the premises. For the signs described whose ownership cannot be identified, the Zoning Inspector shall immediately, without notice, remove any such sign except as otherwise provided herein.

If residents are found to be in violation of provisions regarding yard sales, the following may occur:

  • A civil citation may be issued that typically is subject to fines that range from $100 to $2500

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