Suggestions for Passwords

A good password is easy for its owner to remember and difficult for anyone else to guess.

  1. Good passwords are combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters. However, please keep in mind that the special characters - like 'space', %, *, ", ', \, (, ), { and } are known to be problematic for some systems.
  2. Passwords are case-sensitive: the passwords WHATEVERHAPPENS, whateverhappens, and WhatEverHappens are different. Mixed-case passwords are more difficult to guess than passwords that are entirely uppercase or entirely lowercase.
  3. One strategy for creating acceptable passwords is to join two words together, or, better, to join two separate words with a special character. For example, Denver!Broncos would be an easy password for a Broncos fan to remember.
  4. You can increase the security of passwords by replacing letters with numbers or special characters. For example, Denver!Br0nc0s, D3nv3r!8roncos or Den^er!Broncos would be almost as easy to remember as Denver!Broncos, but considerably more difficult to guess.
  5. Another strategy is to join the first letters of a phrase or sentence. For example, the obscure-looking password 4sa7yaof was created by from "Four score and seven years ago, our fathers".
  6. Avoid passwords like names, telephone numbers, birth dates and Social Security Numbers.

Password requirements are meant to help us provide a computing environment that is both available and secure. For our increasingly vital computer operations, these are key features.

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