Memorial Programs


The Living tree and Commemorative Bench Program is a unique opportunity to honor your loved ones or an event while contributing to the beautification of public lands and our community.

Donate a Tree

Planting a living tribute is a wonderful way to honor your loved ones or special event, while improving our air quality and enhancing the environment in our Prescott Valley Parks. 

Please allow the Parks Division the opportunity to have your tree species selected and planted in either the Spring or Fall seasons to ensure the greatest chance of acclimation. If a plaque is ordered, please allow additional time (8-10 weeks) for the plaque to be received. 

Town staff will plant the tree and install the plaque, then notify you of its completion. Please feel free after that time to plan a site visit or hold a private dedication ceremony. Due to the increased maintenance, placement of decorations, notes, and ornaments on the tree is not permitted. 

The tree will become a part of the Town’s tree inventory and will be maintained by the Town. Living trees may be replaced in the future if the tree develops a disease or is damaged.

This program does not remove trees from personal property. Your donation will purchase a viable nursery tree in stock that is still in the container.

Donate a Bench

Commemorative benches provide another option to honor or remember a loved one, as well as offer respite to park visitors while enjoying their surroundings. 

Benches can be installed throughout the year, without guarantee of a specific date. Benches may be placed adjacent to trails or near specific park amenities, upon the Parks Division approval. Donors will be notified once the bench and plaque have been installed, and will be made aware of its location.

Inscriptions are limited to for whom the bench is in honor/memory, and the dates of birth, death or dedication. Additional inscriptions, religious symbols, extraneous content, plantings, flowers or decorations in the bench areas are not permitted.

Please note, the town will not replace or be responsible for plaques or benches that are damaged or stolen. Prices shown are approximate and may vary.

Starting the Living Tree or Commemorative Bench Donation Process

To start the Living Tree Program process, you will need to complete a Living Tree Program Application 

Once your completed application and funds are received by the Town, the application will be reviewed, and the donor will be notified of receipt by the Parks staff.

For consistency throughout our parks, plaques are purchased through a local Prescott Valley business. The 5"x7" plaque is molded in bronze with a brown background and double lined edging. The plaque will take approximately 8 to10 weeks for engraving and delivery.  Upon completion of the plaque, the donor will be contacted by the Parks Manager to discuss the tree selection and planting site.

The cost of the Living Tree Program is as follows: 

  • $450 provides for a single tree approximately 6 to 8 feet in height
  • $715 provides for a single tree approximately 6 to 8 feet in height with a 5" x 7" bronze plaque

To start the Commemorative Bench Program process, you will need to complete a Commemorative Bench Program Application.

The cost for the Commemorative Bench is as follows:

  •  $1,365 provides for a 6-foot bench with back and engraved plaque insert 

For inquiries on the Living Tree Program & Commemorative Bench Program please contact:

Town of Prescott Valley, Parks & Recreation Department  
Monday - Friday, 8am -  5pm  
(928) 759-3090