GIS Products & Services

The Town of Prescott Valley Geographic Information Services (GIS) Division offers official hard copy maps and digital GIS data for minimal fees. See fee schedule for details or feel free to download our Fee Schedule (PDF) for future reference. The GIS division also offers at no cost an assortment of official town maps in our Map Gallery available for download or visit our Interactive Maps.

To request hard copy maps or GIS data, you will need to submit a Public Records Request for processing and any associated fees.  For more information on this process and associated forms, please visit our Town Clerk's page.

Standard Published Maps (Streets, Zoning, Subdivisions, Annexation)

Paper Size
Bond Paper
Photo Paper
A-size (8.5 by 11 inches)
$5 $10
B-size (11 by 17 inches)
$10 $20
C-size (17 by 22 inches)
$15 $30
D-size (22 by 34 inches)
$20 $40
E-size (34 by 44 inches)
$25 $50
Large Wall-size
$50 $100
Custom Based on size
Based on size

Digital Data Files

Please note: Utility data is not for sale including water and sewer.

GIS Data
Cost Distributed Format
Contours $10 per section
General (All other layers)
$10 per section

Please note: Parcel data is not for sale through the Town of Prescott Valley, please contact Yavapai County GIS for any inquiries regarding parcel data.