Dec 15, 2023: PV Council Hears Update on Master Stormwater Drainage Plan

Stormwater flowing through treesPrescott Valley Town Council during its Thursday, Dec. 14 Study Session heard an update on its Master Drainage Plan and proposals for Phase II of the plan from West Consultants.

In early spring, the Town hired West, a firm that provides specialized water resources engineering services, to update the Town’s Master Drainage Plan to both mitigate nuisance flooding and harvesting floodwaters for groundwater recharge. 

West modeled existing conditions, reviewed drainage policies and standards, and looked at stormwater resources opportunities. Other conditions that fit into the plan include land use, stormwater flow and velocity, and flooding concerns. West based its maximum depth, peak discharge, and velocity models on a 100-year, 24-hour event, which identifies problem areas that can be mitigated by the Town.  These models will help the company craft solutions to mitigate damage from future storm events and to capture as much of this water as possible for recharge. Through this model, West identified 10 key areas of focus to mitigate flooding. 

In Phase II of the plan, West will now identify projects that will both mitigate flooding and recharge as much of that water naturally before it flows out of the community. 

Ricardo Aguirre, P.E., D. WRE, CFM, Director of Land Management and Water Security for West, said about 40,000 to 45,000 acre-feet of water falls on Prescott Valley each year, said Aguirre. “Some of that is recharged, and some runs off. We want to get that water into the ground as quickly as possible to prevent evaporation and improve use of runoff.” 

Some of West’s mitigation measures may include demonstration site development at the Civic Center, Library and other public and private sites. Some projects may incorporate technology and green infrastructure to increase infiltration of stormwater.

View West’s Council presentation on the Town’s YouTube Channel at