Oct 17, 2023: Fain Signature Group applies for Rezoning for Sand/Gravel Operation

heavy equipment moving gravelFain Signature Group has applied to the Town of Prescott Valley for rezoning of a parcel located off Old Black Canyon Highway between Prescott Country Club and StoneRidge, approximately a mile from either development and a mile and a half south of Old Black Canyon Highway for a sand and gravel mining operation.

The Town this past spring expressed opposition to the proposed sand and gravel operation on land immediately adjacent to Fain Park and StoneRidge Drive. The property, owned by the Fain Family Limited Partnership, is in unincorporated Yavapai County. The proposed sand and gravel operation around Fain Park would have compromised the beauty and usability of the park, which is an important community asset that also includes the Fitzmaurice Ruins. The Town and the Fain family have worked together to find a location for the operation that will not impact park land or nearby neighborhoods.

The road into the proposed sand and gravel operation will be private and only accessible through gates. Trucks will not use the newly surfaced Old Black Canyon roadway except to cross it to access the current materials operation just south of Highway 69. (See attached map).

For more information, please call Development Services at 928-759-3070.