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The Neighborhood Services Department is committed to building strong community relationships by empowering, embracing, and ensuring safe & welcoming neighborhoods.

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What is a Code violation?
Nuisances and eyesores can devalue, detract and degrade the quality of any neighborhood. Some examples of a code violation are:

  • weeds which are more than 12 inches in height, including the easement areas of the lot
  • the storage of any building material, equipment, tires, auto parts, and personal items which are not behind a 100% solid wall and are in public view
  • non-running, unregistered or unlicensed vehicles
  • erecting, replacing, or installing a new fence without first obtaining a zoning permit
  • more than four (4) adult dogs on a lot
  • horses, cows, goats, sheep, roosters, swine and rodents are prohibited in residential areas
  • RV, boat, or trailer parked in front yard
  • installing a shed that is 144 sq. ft. or less without a zoning permit 
  • no address on building
  • parking, storing, or staging of vehicles or items on vacant lot
  • commercial dumpster in a residential area without a building permit
  • peddling or soliciting without a business license

What is NOT a Code Violation?
It is important to distinguish the difference between a real code violation and non-violation. Some examples of what is not a violation are:

  • ugly or unattractive automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, or boats are not a code violation unless they are inoperable (i.e. missing major components, tires, wheels, engines, etc) and/or are parked in the front yard
  • natural grasses on vacant lots which have never been disturbed or do not exceed 12 inches in height
  • social nuisances such as large, noisy gatherings and noisy activities unless they occur before 7AM or after 10PM. Noise complaints should be reported to the Prescott Valley Police Department at 928-772-9267
  • pools which are enclosed with a 5 foot high fence with a self-closing gate and fenced separately from the yard
  • households are limited to 3 garage sales in a 12 month period
  • tree branches encroaching property lines

On occasion, a property owner may not realize they are responsible for mitigation of the rear easement of the property. In certain areas of Town there are easements at the rear of the property that are typically 12’ - which means the property owner would be responsible for 6’ and the rear neighbors for the other 6’.

Town code specific to weed mitigation: 

9-04-020     Owner, Lessee or Occupant to Maintain Property. A. The owner, lessee or occupant of any property shall at all times remove rubbish (including other accumulations of filth, related debris, and dilapidated buildings) that constitute a hazard to public health and safety from said property, maintain said property in a clean and safe condition, and otherwise avoid keeping or maintaining any nuisance thereon. These requirements also apply to appurtenant, adjacent or contiguous sidewalks, alleys and portions of streets that are not hard-surfaced for PRESCOTT VALLEY 9 - 9 vehicular traffic. B. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the owner, lessee or occupant of any property shall have the following specific obligations and responsibilities on the property and appurtenant, adjacent or contiguous sidewalks, alleys and portions of streets that are not hard-surfaced for vehicular traffic: 

1. To control weeds and yard waste thereon and otherwise maintain said areas free of dry bushes, trees, tumbleweeds, weeds or other dry vegetation that create a visual blight upon the neighborhood, harbor insect or rodent infestations, become a fire hazard, or otherwise threaten the health, safety or economic welfare of adjacent property owners or occupants. In so doing, the owner, lessee or occupant shall not allow grass or weeds to exceed twelve (12) inches in height and shall otherwise maintain the property in a manner that prevents weeds or yard waste from being carried or deposited by the elements upon any public place.

2. To keep ditches or similar watercourses that are part of the storm drainage system clean and free of rubbish (expressly including vegetation, yard waste, and debris) that would obstruct the easy and natural flow of water therein. (This is typically in reference to the right of way in front of the property). 

These are definitions to “Public Place” and “Property” which explain the areas of responsibility:

F. "Public place" means any and all streets, sidewalks, boulevards, alleys or other public ways, and any and all public parks, squares, spaces, grounds and buildings. 

G. "Property" includes grounds, lots and tracts of land on which premises are located.


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