Online Learning

AT&T Connected Learning: Technology Basics

Available anytime online, go at your own pace. Are you new to computers and mobile devices, haven't used them in awhile, or just need a refresher? Learn the basics and build confidence using technology with AT&T Connected Learning.

Code Academy

Interactive learning about how to code. Build a website with HTML and CSS, or learn Javascript, Python, PHP and more.

GCF LearnFree

Learn at your own pace about Windows, Mac, and iPad basics, Microsoft Office, email, internet skills, social media, and using cloud services.


Take computer science classes from top universities and organizations worldwide. Many courses are free, but please be aware that some have a cost.


Use these tutorials to brush up on computer basics, using Windows or Mac computers, basic searching online, creating a resume, job searching, cloud services, and more.


Make learning a new language feel like a game, with daily reminders to practice. For a wider variety of languages and excellent ESOL classes, all without ads, we recommend Mango Languages.


Take classes in a variety of subjects from universities like MIT, Harvard, and more. Many courses are free, but please be aware that some have a cost.

Khan Academy

Learn the fundamentals of programming with JavaScript, explore programs made by others, and share yours.

Mango Languages

English speakers can learn over 70 languages, from Arabic and Armenian to Vietnamese and Yiddish. For speakers of other languages learning English, English-language courses are offered in over 20 languages, including Arabic, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Somali.


Authoritative information on diseases and treatments from the National Institutes of Health.

Mental Health America

Offers online mental health screenings, DIY mental health tools, connections to peers, and referrals to treatment.

National Geographic Kids

Access to “National Geographic Kids” articles, over 230 educational books, and National Geographic photographs in a kid-friendly interface

Typing Tutorial

Learn to type and then practice your new skills. This tutorial has sound.

w3 Schools

Learn to code HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and more.