Risk Management

Risk Management process flow chart

Think Safe – Work Safe – Be Safe

The Town of Prescott Valley is dedicated to creating a safe & secure work environment for all. Safety is an integral part of everyone’s job and with the proper Risk Management information & training, we can prevent most accidents. In the event of an accident, timely reporting of any workplace injury is critical to ensure that employees receive the care that they need.  No matter how big or small an injury is, it is always better to report it than not. Together we got this – safety first!

What Is Risk Management?

Risk Management is a three-fold process of mitigating accidents. 

  1. Identify the risk. Ex: There’s a puddle on the floor.
  2. Assess the risk Ex: Someone could not see the puddle and slip.
  3. Control the risk Ex: Notify facilities for clean-up or if it’s feasible to handle yourself, use paper towels to dry the area.