Prescott Valley Master Drainage Plan Update

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Prescott Valley recognizes that efficient stormwater management is vital for mitigating the impact of heavy rains and preventing flooding. To tackle this, the town is embarking on a new Master Drainage and Recharge Plan. This comprehensive approach includes evaluating the current drainage system, identifying vulnerabilities and opportunities, and implementing strategic improvements that will improve the Town’s drainage system and ability to recharge as much natural precipitation as legally possible. Through improvements and innovation in stormwater and recharge management, the Town not only safeguards its infrastructure, but also protects water quality in nearby rivers and aquifers.

Drainage Public Meeting graphic with logos for PV and West Consultants

The Town hired WEST, which provides specialized water resources engineering services, to update PV’s Master Drainage Plan. 

Existing conditions models are being developed to account for the Town’s current land use, to identify areas of concern, and to develop recommended solutions to be incorporated into the Town’s capital improvement program. Soil health is being explored as one approach to correct flooding issues and infiltrate stormwater runoff throughout the Town’s watersheds. 

The desire is for Prescott Valley to use Town-owned open space and rights-of-way to provide both local and regional flood mitigation along with stormwater recharge. The update will look to identify smaller projects with consideration for soil health and other treatments that can capture rainfall before it becomes runoff.  WEST will investigate the costs for such projects by the end of March 2023 so the Town can budget money or seek grants for future projects. 

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